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More murals at First Baptist Smyrna

Last month I was able to add to the murals at First Baptist Smyrna.  Having completed murals in the Children's Area and the Music Suite, I have now added to the walls of the Student Ministry building.  The area is called "The Well" and they have based the ministry around "Overflow" from the verse Philippians...

Murals at First Baptist Smyrna

For several months I have had the opportunity to paint murals in the children's area and music suite at First Baptist Smyrna. It has been a wonderful experience with the possibility of adding more art to other areas of the church, as well. Yay! The children' area is a long hallway on the theme of...

Creation Mural at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church

This is one of my favorite murals!  I did this mural for the Children's Worship room at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist church.  The room was a odd shape, having originally been divided into smaller rooms, with crazy twists and turns and alcoves!  I was able to do the 7 days of creation around the...