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Small oil paintings on panel


The latest 4″ x 4″‘s

Each day I post another 4" x 4" painting on my Etsy store!  Here are the ones from the last 2 weeks: [caption id="attachment_280" align="alignnone" width="297"]Dying Sunflowers, 4" x 4", oil on panel, $50 Dying Sunflowers, 4" x 4", oil on panel, $50[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_281" align="alignnone" width="300"]More

New 4″ x 4″‘s

My latest little paintings are all about nature, the trees, the flowers, finding a spot to enjoy it all! "Lavender Delpihiniums" reminds me a quote my mother often spoke, a line from a children's story or poem about a mouse under "geraniums red and delphiniums blue." While these delphiniums are lavender, they still remind me...

Strawberries in Blue and White Bowl

This beautiful bowl of strawberries came to us from our neighbor last Spring. She was so sweet to share and they were the largest, sweetest, most flavorful strawberries I have ever had! I wonder if the sweetness of the strawberries was connected to the kind act of my neighbor.  It was in the months leading up...

Bird of Paradise

The colors of this vibrant plant are gorgeous, the reds and oranges playing against the green leaves! Even the green of the leaves are bright and almost neon in their color. Beautiful! Color in nature is amazing.  You really can't create any combination that nature hasn't figured out first.  But, as an artist, it makes me...

Fresh Tomatoes

I love having fresh tomatoes on hand.  They taste like summer to me!  We keep a beautiful ceramic bowl in our kitchen filled with tomatoes (sometimes avocados or fruit) and I couldn't resist painting it! Of course, looking at these tomatoes just makes me long to cook something wonderful, maybe a delicious pasta sauce, or bruschetta,...

Magnolia Blossom

Knowing that I love magnolias (my entire wedding ceremony was filled with magnolias!), my husband surprised me with this blossom in June. It was beautiful and lived in our window for a week. I took tons of photos of it and painted this painting from my favorite photo. 20131011-134114.jpg...

Georgia Peaches

These were some of the last Georgia peaches of the season! As delicious as they were beautiful, I just had to photograph them in their basket so I could paint them later! Peaches are some of my favorite things of summer! I wait expectantly for peach season each year and love that first juicy bite!...

Benjamin’s Tricycle

This tricycle was originally my older brother's, passing to my younger brother, and now his 4 year old son, Benjamin. It still has the original license plate that says "Ben." Benjmain loves to ride it round and round my mom's patio!  His younger brother, Michael, who is only 2 is just too small to reach...

Gold Pitcher

I painted this still-life from a pitcher I found at my mom's house, always filled with an arrangement of eucalyptus. She has such good taste and design throughout her home and this painting reminds me of her.   20131008-085029.jpg...