Creation Mural at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church

This is one of my favorite murals!  I did this mural for the Children’s Worship room at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist church.  The room was a odd shape, having originally been divided into smaller rooms, with crazy twists and turns and alcoves!  I was able to do the 7 days of creation around the room, each day getting it’s own wall.  It was fantastic!  This photo shows days 4 & 5 (day 4: the sun, moon & stars, day and night, the 4 seasons; day 5: the birds of the air and the fish of the sea).  Knowing that this was a mural for children, I spent a lot of time of the fish since that would be at their eye level!  I painted the entire room in a month.  There were a lot of late nights listening to the Braves play baseball while I painted!

(Unfortunately, a few years after completing the mural, the church decided to renovate and a hallway had to run directly through the room and the murals were destroyed.)

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