Face painting at the Kairos Church fall picnic

I enjoy painting faces!  There is something joyful and fun about having a painted face that kids all seem to know and adults forget (until maybe Halloween).  It’s about being transformed into something more beautiful or more gruesome or more bizarre or just plain different.  I think kids, in their ability to use their imagination, can become those things without the paint, but when you add the paint, suddenly it’s as though their imagined world has become real!  They can’t help but burst into a huge smile!  I love being a part of that!

About a month ago I was able to paint the faces of the children at my church’s fall picnic and they had a ball!  I painted tigers and lions and leopards, a wolf, and even a frog, as well as a few princesses and a couple of zombies!  Soon, it’ll be time to think about Halloween!


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