Murals at First Baptist Smyrna

For several months I have had the opportunity to paint murals in the children’s area and music suite at First Baptist Smyrna. It has been a wonderful experience with the possibility of adding more art to other areas of the church, as well. Yay!

The children’ area is a long hallway on the theme of “Church Street.”  Entering the hallway is designed to be like passing under an overpass with Scripture graffiti and chalkboard paint so the kids can add their own graffiti!  On the left wall is a skyline with road signs, while on the right are store fronts with a cafe, cinema, bank, bakery and bookstore.

Here are some photos of the process and the final result. I’m so happy with it!

Over Christmas I completed a mural in the Music Suite, installing the banners across the ceiling just a couple of weeks ago.  The mural’s theme is “Telling the Story one Song at a Time” while the banners are different verses that support the theme.



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