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Self-Portrait, 4" x 4", oil on canvas, not for sale

Self-Portrait, 4″ x 4″, oil on canvas, not for sale

Artist Statement


As an artist I have enjoyed playing with different medium, but my one medium has always been oil paint.  With a love of color, the texture of the brushstrokes, and the expression created in the paint, each painting is an experience.

I prefer to paint from life, often sketching the places, the people, the experiences that surround me, finding the joy in the chaos of life.  I then paint from those sketches, reliving the experience as I paint, remembering the feel of where I was, the detail that made an impression, and the color infused in the memory.

My style of painting is to use a thick impasto of buttery brushstrokes of rich color.  I love to create a topography of paint on the canvas that draws the eye into the painting.  The eye travels the brushstrokes across the hills and valleys of paint, entering into the experience itself.  The experience I hope to instill through my art is a sense of the beauty, the joy and the hope of life.



Artist Bio

I began my love of painting at the age of 13 while studying under Claudia Hartley, continuing my studies in art at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.  Since then, my life journey has taken me through archaeological digs around the Mediterranean, graduate study in Florence, Italy and London, UK, teaching art to orphans in Morocco, and the conservation of artifacts for Jamestown, Valley Forge, and other sites along the East Coast and throughout the Southeastern USA.  Through my many travels, the one constant has been my love of painting.

I frequently exhibit my artwork with the Atlanta Artists Center in juried monthly shows (2nd place Award, February 2012; Merit Award, September 2012).  In addition, my art has exhibited at the Defoors Center, Atlanta (August 2012) and at the Macon Arts Alliance (solo show December 2010).

Art Resume

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